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Short Description:

Dive into this breath-taking deep-sea adventure - collect the oxygen bubbles and float on! Steer your submarine using the tilt-sensor of your mobile phone to collect as many air bubbles as possible to restock your oxygen supply. Enlighten the deep sea by switching your headlights on and off to discover even more bubbles.

Core mechanics:

Subsea is an endless side scrolling game, where you steer your submarine through the deep-sea. Over time the oxygen supply of your submarine decreases. Collect oxygen bubbles to restock these supplies by tilting your phone to steer the submarine up and down. As the game continues your oxygen supply decreases faster and faster and oxygen bubbles are harder to come by. Also, make sure to avoid collision with any swordfish, which will damage your oxygen tank.

Some bubbles can only be seen in the dark, others only in the light. Switch the headlights of your submarine on and off using your phone’s light sensor to make sure you don't miss any of them.


Once you run out of oxygen, the game ends. Survive as long as you can to beat the high score!

Install instructions

Subsea is an android app requiring your phone to have an accelerometer and light sensor.  


Subsea-v1.1.apk 39 MB
Subsea-v1.0.apk 36 MB

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