a peaceful couch co-op gardening game
Maya in the magical forest Yumera
Videowall game with alternative controller
Play in browser
Master thesis about optimising pathfinding algorithms and search graphs for a dynamic 3D space
VR multiplayer with haptic feedback vests
Bachelor thesis about pathfinding algorithms in a dynamic 3D space
VR game with alternative controller
Local co-op asynchronous multiplayer with alternative controllers
Fun little game with a custom controller
4-player couch-coop
Asynchronous co-op multiplayer
Fast paced, four player couch-coop with colorful robots
Dive into a breath-taking deep-sea adventure and collect the oxygen bubbles to float on!
2D platformer
Run for your life! 3 vs. 1 couch co-op
Four player, couch-coop requiring 3D thinking
Not so local couch-coop